30 December 2007

Albums of 2007

1. Pharoahe Monch, Desire
2. UGK, UnderGround Kingz
3. Spoon, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
4. Lil' Wayne, Da Drought 3
5. Daft Punk, Alive 2007
6. J Dilla, Ruff Draft
7. Miles Davis, The Complete On the Corner Sessions
...I know I know it was recorded in '72, but its as ambitious a release as any in jazz history, truly a remarkable thing to own)
8. Bess Rogers, Decisions Based on Information
9. Feist, The Reminder
10. The Fratellis, Costello Music

Six posts this year. Four that aren't albums lists. Impressive.

iTunes uPdate.

About two years ago, I posted my iTunes Library statistics. I’ve decided to update, now that I’ve acquired 650 more albums. Here are the details:

Albums: 1950 (+48%)
Songs: 22,349 (+45%)

I bought a lot of jazz albums with only a few tracks per disc (The Norman Granz Box Set is 7 discs, 11 tracks), but it seems like a lot of the Hip Hop I bought evened that out.

Top Five Songs Genres (same, though Blues at 1621)
Alternative: 5708 (+37%)
Rock/Pop: 5622 (+41%)
Hip Hop: 2157 (+46%)
Jazz: 1917 (+39%)
R&B: 1683 (+20% )

Top Five Albums Genres:
Alternative: 627
Rock/Pop: 464
Jazz: 184
Hip Hop: 180
R&B: 130

Here are some recent acquisitions:

-Queen, 19 albums
-The Police, all studio albums and 3 live shows (from 79, 80, 83)
-Miles Davis, The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions, the Complete 1964 Concert, On the Corner, Relaxin',Workin', Steamin'.
-The Big Ol’ Box of New Orleans (4 discs)
-The Complete Debussy Solo Piano (3 discs)
-Soul: Collections by Jackie Wilson, the Isley Brothers, the Meters, the Spinners, the Stylistics, the Main Ingredient
-Leadbelly, the Complete Library of Congress Recordings (4 discs)
-Sonny Boy Williamson, the Complete Recordings (5 discs)
-Bob Marley, Songs of Freedom (4 discs)
-The Story of Jamaican Music (2 discs)
-Amos Milburn, Thinking and Drinking (2 discs)
-Common, 5 albums
-Lil’ Wayne, 4 mixtapes
-Funkadelic, Motor City Madness (2 discs)
-Bud Powell’s Complete Verve Recordings (2 discs)
-John Coltrane, Deluxe A Love Supreme (2 discs) and Compete Live at the Village Vanguard (4 discs)
-Smithsonian Old Time Folk Music (whatever the hell that means, 3 discs)
-Richard Pryor, 4 albums.
-The Complete Norman Granz Sessions on 7 discs. Featuring jams with Basie, Parker, Gillespie, Oscar Peterson (who died 12/24, RIP), Hampton, Eldridge, etc
-The Louis Armstrong Box Set, “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”
-The new Apes & Androids record, “Blood Moon”

Let me know if you need anything.