30 December 2007

iTunes uPdate.

About two years ago, I posted my iTunes Library statistics. I’ve decided to update, now that I’ve acquired 650 more albums. Here are the details:

Albums: 1950 (+48%)
Songs: 22,349 (+45%)

I bought a lot of jazz albums with only a few tracks per disc (The Norman Granz Box Set is 7 discs, 11 tracks), but it seems like a lot of the Hip Hop I bought evened that out.

Top Five Songs Genres (same, though Blues at 1621)
Alternative: 5708 (+37%)
Rock/Pop: 5622 (+41%)
Hip Hop: 2157 (+46%)
Jazz: 1917 (+39%)
R&B: 1683 (+20% )

Top Five Albums Genres:
Alternative: 627
Rock/Pop: 464
Jazz: 184
Hip Hop: 180
R&B: 130

Here are some recent acquisitions:

-Queen, 19 albums
-The Police, all studio albums and 3 live shows (from 79, 80, 83)
-Miles Davis, The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions, the Complete 1964 Concert, On the Corner, Relaxin',Workin', Steamin'.
-The Big Ol’ Box of New Orleans (4 discs)
-The Complete Debussy Solo Piano (3 discs)
-Soul: Collections by Jackie Wilson, the Isley Brothers, the Meters, the Spinners, the Stylistics, the Main Ingredient
-Leadbelly, the Complete Library of Congress Recordings (4 discs)
-Sonny Boy Williamson, the Complete Recordings (5 discs)
-Bob Marley, Songs of Freedom (4 discs)
-The Story of Jamaican Music (2 discs)
-Amos Milburn, Thinking and Drinking (2 discs)
-Common, 5 albums
-Lil’ Wayne, 4 mixtapes
-Funkadelic, Motor City Madness (2 discs)
-Bud Powell’s Complete Verve Recordings (2 discs)
-John Coltrane, Deluxe A Love Supreme (2 discs) and Compete Live at the Village Vanguard (4 discs)
-Smithsonian Old Time Folk Music (whatever the hell that means, 3 discs)
-Richard Pryor, 4 albums.
-The Complete Norman Granz Sessions on 7 discs. Featuring jams with Basie, Parker, Gillespie, Oscar Peterson (who died 12/24, RIP), Hampton, Eldridge, etc
-The Louis Armstrong Box Set, “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”
-The new Apes & Androids record, “Blood Moon”

Let me know if you need anything.


Blogger rob said...

I can't believe Queen made 19 albums. I mean how many covers of 'we are the champions' can they do?

January 08, 2008 6:26 PM  

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