21 January 2007


So this all started when an email I received from an Argentine tour company had some Spanish I could not figure out. I cut the text and translated it at freetranslation.com. I wrote an email in response, and translated it from English to Spanish. Just to see that it made sense, I converted the Spanish translation back to English, and I found that my sentence:

"I think I will book a hostel when I arrive," translated to "I think I will reserve a youthful shelter when I arrive."

Playing on the automatic translator's colloquial malfunctions, I wrote the following paragraph:

Remember when we were just innocent rascals, running through the fields all day bright eyes and bushy tails, getting into a mess of trouble? Well those soggy days have all dried up, big spender! Now we have to take it on the chin. I can't just go slapping some chick across the face until she gets to whining. I can't keep living in this hostel, watching television with a rag on my crotch. I have to get out there and show these immigrants I mean business. As the Good Lord says, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

Praise the Lord, brother man, see you in hell.

This is what that paragraph looks like after I translated it from English to Spanish, back to English, back to Spanish then English again, then to French and back to English:

It recalls when we were naughty scarcely of the innocent ones, running for the eyes of fields the whole day brilliant and the dense lines, entering a disorder of the problem? Well these days are soaked that all it dried, big extravagant! Now we have to take it in the chin. I cannot go to slap scarcely some chick by the face until she came to moan herself. I cannot maintain to live in this young refuge, look at the television with a rag in my parenthesis. I have to leave over there and show these immigrants I bad deals. When the Good Mister says, you can direct a horse to water but you cannot cause that it drinks it.

The compliment Mister, the man of brother, it it sees it in the hell.

Then I took the paragraph above and translated it into German, back to English, then to Russia and back. The results are poetic, dreamy, absurd. This 15 minute exercise was a hell of a lot of fun.

It calls back when we were rough hardly innocent, what for eyes of it all the day long a brilliant of areas and dense run of lines, continuing the disorder of a problem? The goods now become it all absorbed which is dried up it, substantially extravagant! Now we should take it in a chin. I cannot go to strike hardly a chicken through the person, while it has not arrived to groan directly. I cannot keep to live in this young refuge, to consider TV with a cloth in my clip. I should leave there there and badly I should show these firms of immigrants. If the gentleman of the goods speaks, you cannot conduct, can force to irrigate a horse however you it, that it drinks it.

The gentleman of a compliment, the person sees it the brother, it it in a hell.


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