14 January 2007

Albums of 2006.

Haven't done this in a while... and it goes without saying that I didn't listen to a lot of white kids this year.

1. Cat Power, The Greatest.

2. The Game, Doctor's Advocate.
This record made me realize that The Documentary (2005) Is a work of art. This record is just a decent follow-up, but by decent I mean a classic in its own right.

3. Outkast, Idlewild.
A quiet little epic. Astonishing. The Train is my favorite song of the year.

4. Africando, Ketukuba.
Every other African album I listened to for the first time this year came out between 1970-2005. But definitely the 9th best Senegalese record I heard this year and probably the year's best.

5. o'death, head home.
Wow this is a good, messy, tinny, refreshingly under-produced record.

6. Beyonce, B'Day
She's the greatest female R&B singer... ever? Yeah, ever. OK Aretha Franklin. Fine.

7. Man Man, Six Demon Bag
I enjoy listening to this record, but not as much as I enjoy playing 20 or 30 seconds of it for other people. That's enough for 7 on my list.

8. Nas, Hip Hop is Dead.
I never thought that I'd say Nas would put out a better record than Jay-Z in any year, and I doubt it will happen again. Or that Nas and Jay-Z would put out records on the same label, or that Nas would feature Jay-Z on his record.

9. Boris, Pink
Just when I thought the L Train was getting too loud to comfortably listen to music (the all-new-trains and their perpetual announcements) this record swoops in at the beginning of December to be loud as hell. Bravo!

10. Clipse, Hell Hath No Fury.
Feels so old school. Just feels good.

Records I wanted to like:
-The Decembrists, The Crane Wife.
Not quite good.

-Jeremy Enigk, World Waits.
Can't listen to this without getting Coldplay songs in my head.

-Beck, The Information.
A couple standout tracks. Then its just a muddled mess of crap.

-Common, Be
This would be on my list but it came out in 2005.

-Justin Timberlake, Futuresex/Lovesounds
This is pretty lightweight stuff. Heard Sexyback and thought, "Woah." But its a lot of falsetto postmodern Andy Gibb, which is like saying its not quite pseudo BeeGees.

-James Brown Live At the Apollo
I wanted this to be on my list but it came out in 1963, 1968, 1971, 1995 and in 2001 (on CD and DVD).

-Band of Horses
Wait, I didn't want to like this. Why is this on here? This record sucks.

-The Strokes, First Impressions of Earth
If there was a number 11... This is a great album.

BONUS!!! While I'm doing this...

Songs of 2006
1. Outkast, The Train
2. Ghostface Killah, The Champ
3. Beyonce, Suga Mama
4. Nas & Kanye West, Still Dreaming
5. The Strokes, Red Light
6. Beck & Pharell, Frontin on Debra (Remix/Mash-Up)
7. Arctic Monkeys, Fake Tales of San Francisco
8. Christina Aguilera, Ain't No Other Man
9. Cat Power, The Greatest
10. Gnarls Barkley, Gone Daddy Gone


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