31 August 2006

Abramanos Bakery

I walk out into sunshine. Russell Avenue is grocery-hauling ladies and delivery men rushing into storefronts. Parked cabs. Men in ties standing by cars. No one’s walking a dog, no one’s pushing a stroller. The walk to the bakery winds down toward the District’s north side, a pinewood/aluminum siding stretch of houses where anonymity lives. The bakery is a corner shop: a pink-lettered sign on a rusty set of hinges, repainted, clean trim, baby-blue awning. The door is open. You have to take two steps down from the street to walk in. The light inside is bad; subtleties obliterated by the fluorescent above. Four short women widened by their seats sit at one of the four front tables, somebody’s granddaughter is behind the counter, fake-tanned, hairsprayed hair bolted behind a headscarf. Five pairs of eyes start with the shoes. Someday I’ll know what this means. I ease up on my walk, let go of my feet and slow their pace across the slick tile floor, committing to some degree that I’m in need. “Do any of you know Diana?”

29 August 2006

I am working on a collection of short stories which had nothing to do with this blog until today. The revisions and rewrites demand an attention to detail. So for the time being I will post paragraphs from the collection - things I've edited every day - for you to read. No context or continuity. No titles or character introductions. Hopefully the sentences will hold their own, and the paragraphs, the stories, etc. And maybe, just maybe, the stories will benefit. I've never done this before. Wish me luck.

04 August 2006

I left the Hamptons last week after feeling a bit... spoiled, pampered? Life is very good out there and well, I could use a vacation from the lack of adversity.

So I drove to Mississippi. I'll be here for a few more days and then I'm gonna stroll up the coast. While I've been down here I've come up with a few ideas for trips I've always wanted to take. I will post them soon, and if you feel interested please let me know.