11 July 2006

Blogging About Not Blogging?

...has its merits. I'm on vacation, and will be til mid-August. I decided to take my summer vacation a little closer to home. I came back from Venezuela in January far more exhausted than when I left. It made for a tough work year. I threw a July 4th party that stressed me out to high hell. I left for the beach two days later. I am in the Hamptons for the month of July, here to be exact:

Mark, July.

Everything is great. No need to pontificate.

Which begs the question: What am I doing blogging? I'm not. I pimped out my flickr account (finally), so if you've ever been interested in a massive amount of pictures based on one or two I've posted, check there. I also wrote a photo journal for my trip to Nabesna AK, something a year's worth of blogging never accomplished. It made me miss the hell out of Alaska, and reignited the desire to go there. A bike ride to East Hampton yesterday did its best to quell that sentiment.

The Flickr Account

That is all.