12 June 2006

Clancy Returns!

Three days after I posted the collected missives of my traveler friend from Australia, hitcher/drunk extraordinaire Clancy, I got a barrage of emails from him. One was a plain old letter about being kicked out of a hostel for trying to break the "30 Bottles of Rum" record he and his friends had set the previous weekend, then being kicked out of another. But a week later I get this, the gem of the collection thus far.

In his past travails, he's tried and failed to get out of Ecuador too many times to count. Mostly this has to do with the motorcycle he bought in Quito, which has caused him nothing but trouble. The following tells of his successful passage into Peru. How he'll get out I have no idea. Enjoy.

Subject: Here we go again
Mon, 29 May 2006

Ok, here we go again, i think you´ll be entertained at my expence as usual. Not the wisest story or mature story your likely to read but you wouldn´t expect that from me!

After the hostel moves, the most travel i´d done in 3 months, i finally got out of quito. I had a few stops & minor incidents on my way to the peru border for another attempt. I decided to try the smallest one to increase my chances.

I was stamped out of ecuador, with the bike!! then stamped into peru, all good. Not so quick! Peru customs had a problem with the bike papers & wouldn´t let it into peru. Big hassles, the bike could only travel in ecuador & i could only travel in peru as i´d already had a visa extension. It was like that shit airport movie with tom hanks. I was stuck in no man´s land.

I had to make a decision. Mine was not the best idea considering the gun´s but i took off on the bike accross the border into peru. I knew they´d give chace so i had to ride flat out, it was all dirt & bends so i had an advantage there. My dissadvantage was i knew i could only make it to the nearest town & i´d have to stop for fuel as the last two places in ecuador were dry. I was stopped at a police check point, i thought i was done. I pulled up & my clutch cable snapped!! They let me go so i roll started the bike. Wasting time! I got to the gas station, it was closed of course! A sign said he was at the hotel down the road so i started walking there in a hurry. Then the customs car screechers to a halt & 3 guys jump out with gun´s & tourches running at me shouting in spanish. I said tranquillo (relax) & went into a bullshit story that i only came in for fuel as i´d told them there was none over the border. They didn´t really buy it but it worked. They followed me back to the border, gave me a lecture then escorted me over the bridge.

Back in limbo! I got on well with the ecuadorian customs guy´s & they said they´d try to help. I camped there for 3 nights. Going on the bus illegally to ecuador once for a clutch cable & a fax from the transit police, the military checked my passport but only my ID not the stamps. That was lucky!
So i´m now in PERU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with the bike!!!!!!!!!!!!

That´s only the 1st border crossing!! Thing´s could get interesting. Anyway until next time, don´t do anything i wouldnt!!

clancy, from peru!!

05 June 2006

2006: Birthday Weekend, 2-4 June

If every weekend could be like last weekend, I'd say every weekend should be Birthday Weekend. 2007 puts my birthday on a Saturday, and I won't get birthday weekend priviledges again until 2011. Luckily, I know a set of twins who, if mine doesn't land on a weekend, theirs does. One of these years I'll have Birthday Weekend Forever tattooed on my ass. One of these years.

Let me be the first to proclaim "House Party Summer" as the official theme for the season. Kid N Play movies aside, this summer should be all about kickin' it at somebody else's apartment. That was the theme for most of the weekend. Max and I played birthday hosts on Friday to a brave lot of souls who fought uninspiring rain to swim in tequila. My apartment (which I moved into three days before throwing a party in it) is barely livable, boxes crowd the living and dining room spaces, walls are half painted. But this contributed to the anything-goes atmosphere. Wine glasses shattered. Slam poetry was read. It happens.

Then Saturday began on the rooftop party of Moynihan Station. The two twins basked in the glory of no-rain, while I spent more time looking for parking than i did eating dinner. Max and I got a vague invitation to a Tribeca loft where the guys who run this and this live. So confounded by beautiful women were we that little could be done to stop a beer chugging competition from busting out. The designated driver sees the wee hours approaching with extraordinary clarity.

On Sunday the house party moved to an apartment where Max and Morgan plan to live if their potential landlord trims the 29-page Commercial Lease into something that doesn't rape them with impunity. Still, they had the keys, and we dreamed with the Ghosts of House Party Future in this Graham Avenue storefront/mega-kingdom fitted out with bedroom heat lamps and not one but two jacuzzis. Then Birthday Weekend was over.

Although the parties were stocked with fantastic crowds, the resulting pictures focus on the same 6-8 characters; from Maxwell's flickr account, a series of photographs that beg the question: "Can posing for a camera ever be taken seriously again?"

01 June 2006

State of the Loft Address.

Currently renovating the 4-bedroom loft I moved into on Monday. Knee deep in filth and paint. Be back shortly.