18 July 2005

If this blog was hell, I'd be in heaven.

Well, there's a reason I haven't been blogging and its related to air conditioning. I mean, at least in my mind. The theory I developed with a friend that New York has only 20 days of good weather each year - usually March 28-April 8 and November 1-10 - is holding firm. Call it a law. This city is fucking unbearable in July. Brooklyn especially. Landlocked and lowslung, it's a part of the world that produces some thick molasses for the lungs. Breathe in deep most summer afternoons and you'll feel like you're performing rescue breathing on yourself. Nasty. Who wants to sit by a computer and type? Well, here I am: scantilly clad, musk scented, and dog-wet.

So I'm leaving. Fuck all this, I'm going to Alaska. This evening I board a plane for Seattle, where dinner with Mr. K Pritikin is practically a notion, if not yet a plan. And tomorrow I pick up the rental and make the 2,500 mile stroll up British Columbia, coming annoyingly close to Alberta. Hopefully there are gas stations and asphalt. And a dirth of bears. A brief stop in Whitehorse, Yukon Territories, before plunging head first into an enormous state with a handful of roads and national parks the size of New England states. Also, there is something called the Alaska Marine Highway, which sounds like a highway but is actually a boat.

Is gas more expensive than any other time in my life? Yes. Well I can worry about that on the drive back to Seattle.

Rented a place in Vancouver for a week, so will be in touch with the continental US via email and cell phone on the 1st of August. I'll be making a leisurely drive back to New York (still not planned concretely) sometime around the 15th.

It would not be a waste of time to check out the mapquest version of my proposed drive. Barring any attacks by bears (I've stopped reading guidebooks because of their constant mention of them), I'll be the same old dandy when I return. Toodles!